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Lisa Wyndham with Foreverdoodles

THANK GOD for this website, from the bottom of my BURNING heart...Woke up last night.. WORST heartburn EVER in my 51 years! Tried Pecid AC, SKIM milk, bread, and then, remember this...GAS-X (Simethicone). No relief to the fire in my throat. Found this website, (thank God!) Started with a banana...some relief for about 4 minutes. Then tried ACV with warmed organic honey,..NO IMMEDIATE relief (I knew Apple Cider Vinegar, OR ACV, brings alkalinity to the body for better health. But if you do try it, do NOT heat the honey)... Finally, I considered another reviewer's suggestion of YELLOW MUSTARD. It's FIRST ingredient is vinegar...OMG!..It worked!! I could feel it hold in my throat just long enough to stop the burning. Also, by then, the GAS-X (everyone should keep a generic brand of this on hand) was kicking in, so the fiery burps began to subside. What I learned: Yellow mustard (or whatever home remedy works for YOUR LEVEL of heartburn) needs to be taken incrementally... 1-2 tsp at a time, with breaks in between, until symptoms pass. Also, you MUST sit up. This morning, I ate an apple for breakfast with skim milk. Feel 100% better. There is still a lump in my throat that needs to heal. So today, I will buy another jar of mustard to be 'prepared'...get it? 'Prepared Mustard'..Ha!(..Sorry, it WAS a long night,...just couldn't help myself:) Hope this clarifys things for whoever is sifting through these solutions. Hope you are making jokes soon and feeling better.

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I've tried everything over the years. Nothing worked for me. One night I thought, 'try Swiss Cheese'. It worked! I'm not depending on medicine any more.

Kim G

Yes the Yellow Mustard did the JOB! i took just one and felt the immediate response....then took another tsp just to make sure bout 2mins later! What a relief!


I am going to the kitchen to try the mustard.


Mustard actually made the heartburn feel better. Calmed it down. I hope I can get to sleep now!


Read through everyone's posts and tried the yellow mustard on a piece of bread. Instantly worked but 5 minutes later I think I need one more piece with a teaspoon just to be sure. Thank goodness for this site......


Thank you for information regarding yellow mustard, and the other poster's explanation regarding how acid cut's acid. My heartburn is calming down as I type this, the mustard was nice.


I already take prescription Prilosec daily, in the am. However of late it creeps back with a vengeance in early evening. Of all the suggestions I went with the yellow mustard and to my chagrin it worked, thank GOD!!! Until I can kick the coffee habit this is my new 'go to' life saver. Nope didn't measure....just opened wide and squirted away. Within 5 minutes it was GONE. Easy enough. Thanks to all for the post!!

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