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Benedryl for Anxiety. It DOES help. Visteril is a common drug that is prescribed by doctors for anxiety...and to tell you the short of it, all it is, is Benedryl. I have had Severe Anxiety all my adult life thanks to PTSD, severe depression and a host of other issues. If I am expected to go somewhere in public, I take one to two Benedryl's and I am generally okay. Don't do it too much does have a constipating effect or so I am told. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

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Have you ever been on any anti-anxiety medications? I have been on a few and the only ones that work are the Benzos and want to get off of them.

Does Benedryl really work that well?


I've been on visteril, benadryl trazodone xanax, didn't work.. trazodone helped me sleep for a wk, stopped working. Visteril did nothing. Xanax put me to sheep, but NOTHING helped with my anxiety. I have anxiety thinking about getting anxiety. Especially in public... i wanna try what the first guy was talking about


Be really careful with benadryl or any antihistamine drugs. I took it intermittenly like once every week or sometimes one in a couple of months. Now I'm suffering from twitches, imsomnia and RLS, very possibly from these antihistamine drugs.


There is a difference between anxiety and panic. Vistaril works very well for anxiety, but not for panic attacks.

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