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A friend of mine took her 9 year old daughter to a chiropractor to see if they could help her stop wetting the bed. The doctor said sometimes there is a bone in the pubic area that doesn't form right while the child is growing. She then adjusted the little girl and helped that bone sit the way it was supposed to. To my knowledge...she has never wet the bed again and she has graduated college now!

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My daughter had colic real bad and at 4months she had her spine adjusted because of that bone..right after that it was like a new baby!!


My friends child left bed wetting since years and now she had suddenly started at the age of 13. She doesnot wet her bed during periods. my friend said her to stop bed wet and she says she don't even know when she wets her bed.she doesn't have diabetes,sugar or any other diseases or problems. but she is too heavy and her weight is between 65 to 75.she get's angry very soon. she screams for silly reasons very loudly in anger. is this problem for her oveweight or for her anger?

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