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For those who have read some of the absurd totally misleading posts on whitening your teeth with baking soda. PLEASE be very careful when treating your teeth this way! First of all if using baking soda you must use only a very small amount and surely not every day of the week. A high concentration of baking soda rips the enamel right off your teeth.
To be safer than sorry you can instead use a toothpaste sold in stores that already contains the correct amounts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (I use arm&hammer for example). But whatever you do please do a CAREFUL research about the baking soda effects and how long you should repeat the procedure...there are many articles online and posts by doctors that you can check.

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Actually, baking soda is one of the best things one can use to protect oneself from acidic decay of tooth enamel from foods and pathogenic activity. Baking soda is only slightly abrasive -- and then only prior to going into solution, which it will when mixed with a liquid, such as saliva. Consider doing a little more study on this from researchers, not doctors. Save the hydrogen peroxide for use in first aid, however, as daily use can be rough on the gum tissue. In addition, once it becomes diluted by saliva it is practically worthless as an antimicrobial.

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