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Wart Assassin

I'm a gay male and I really thought I was being safe and making good choices, but if I'm typing about anal warts, clearly I was wrong. A few weeks ago, I started to notice bumps as I was wiping each morning and then suddenly I had a bunch of warts. I even tried to convince myself it wasn't warts, but it is. So, I tried the ACV route. One word: F-PAINFUL (yes, in this case, 'painful' starts with and 'F'.)

While I cannot suggest putting ACV on your asshole, I can suggest you check out the health benefits of this product. I feel like drinking it (2 tablespoons / twice daily) has been part of my ongoing recovery. Here is my routine, and it doesn't hurt or itch:

2 TBS of ACV twice daily (use organic)
Goldenseal twice daily
Echinacea twice daily
Zinc twice daily
Milk Thistle twice daily

Topical (in AM and again PM):
Tea Tree Oil (just a couple drops)
Vit E Oil (helps heal)
Aloe Gel (organic 99% pure- it should be kind of dark, not clear)
Also, break open a Milk Thistle cap and a Goldenseal cap, blend the two. Apply the mixture in addition to the tea tree/vit E/aloe combo. The two caps you open should be plenty for a few days of application.

I hope you have as much success as me. It wasn't overnight, but it's steady and encouraging when I follow-up on my progress daily. Also, it isn't painful, so it keeps your confidence up.

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