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A teaspoon of mustard works wonders.

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5 minutes after a tbsp of mustard, I farted. Haha. Thanks.

mustard man.

best remedy ever. never buying gas-x again!


My girl is having pain under her rib cage and ready to go to the hospital I told her I was having the similar pains when I was pregnant with my son. I was ready to go to the ER when my mom told me to try a tablespoon of mustard an a glass of warm water and the pain was gone. Told her to try it cuz it works.. hope she listens!


Wow took half a box of gas x & 2 phazymes hours ago. Took the mustard 15 min ago and already starting to work. Thanks


WOW!! Amazingly, this really works!! And almost instantly!! Thanks!

Greatfully yours,Missy

I was up all night taking tums,warm soda you name it nothing worked.Really thought I was going to have to go to the E.R. because the pain was so sharp and so intense.Finally saw this.Had none of that other stuff but a tsp.of Yellow mustard and a cup of really warm tea and I've FINALLY got relief!!! TY TY TY for Posting this!!!


I've tries lots of things but after reading this I decides to try a tablespoon of mustard and laid on my left side. The gas started moving thank god! 3 am and I may sleep soon


Wow that just worked magic. Not to be gross but helped clear me out in a matter of minutes. This will help big time with pain in the future.


I went gluten free about a month ago and gave in today to a cupcake at a friend's birthday party. Almost immediately, I had the worst gas I've ever had. It's 10 hours later and the gas was still HORRIBLE...that is UNTIL I saw this mustard remedy. It's 15 minutes later and though I'm not feeling 100% better yet, I can definitely tell it's working! Thanks to all the posters extolling the benefits of mustard for gas! Wow...I'm impressed!


I have been in pain for hours and took Tums and Gas X and nothing helped. Just did the mustard and it is instant relief!! Thank you!'

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