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A teaspoon of mustard works wonders.

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Wow, it does strangely work. Eating plain mustard is gross but worth it.


I can't beleive how well this works. Thought my chest was going to explode from the gas pain, but one and a half teaspoons of mustard (a little bit of hot tea with which to drink it down) and a half an hour later, I was absolutely back to normal!



i have followed the advice also and so far so good. thanks web site


what mustard? dry mustard spice or yellow mustard in a bottle?

Plattsburgh, NY

I have had gas for like hours now and couldn't get rid of it. 1 tsp of mustard and like within 30-45 seconds I could feel it work. This is amazing...thanks!


the mustard thing rocked my world


i don't even know what to say--my new favorite condiment! this was the best advice ever! what about honey mustard?


I am amazed at the speed it works - just a minute or two!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the information. It will be a big help with my adjustment to vegan from vegetarian.


Wow! My problem was the gas trapped below my ribcage and I had never felt pain like that. The mustard worked.


I was in so much pain that I got on line to look for home remedies...this was a great one!! Thank you so much!

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