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I got these from my ex-wife, I assume, because she's the only one I've slept with in the past 10 years. It started with one on my groin near my testicles. I thought it was a skin tag, and ripped it off. Bad idea. They started multiplying rapidly. I've used gel acid, liquid acid and freezing because I've been too embarrassed to go to the Dr. Nothing really worked more than temporarily. This all started around the time I got a divorce and started drinking heavily and started ignoring my health and gained a bunch of weight. Now they've spread to the anal region, and it is just awful. They smell and itch and drive me crazy. I'm now dieting and taking much better care of myself. I'm taking heavy doses of vitamins and am laying off the drinking (which kills your immune system) and they seem to be getting better. I'm still applying the acid and freezing a couple of them that are larger, but they are on my leg. Really sucks because I've never been promiscuous, and didn't know my wife had HPV. I think she was sleeping around toward the end, and probably got them herself and did not yet have symptoms.

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