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Sure cure for dandruff, pimples, boils, rashes, allergies and wounds

Here is how I got rid of my dandruff for good. The procedure requires a bit of patience, and the solution is literally
a bit sticky, but I can assure you that the end result is well worth the trouble and wait. Above all it is seriously
healthy and absolutely natural.

1) Take some pure coconut hair oil in a small utensil. You need to take enough to be able to smear all of your scalp and
your hair with a good glossy, thick and filmy coat. If you suffer from pimples/boils on your face as well, take some more. Females will have to take more. A little extra should not matter. Make sure that the coconut oil is not perfumed or treated in any way or is some mixture of different oils. The oil need not be cooking grade. Just plain coconut hair oil. I used a local brand called parachute. It worked ok for me.

2) Add pure cooking turmeric powder to the oil. You should have an idea. Not too much to make it into a paste and
not too little as to be ineffective. Roughly like adding sugar to your milk or tea; maybe a wee bit more. The turmeric
powder should settle down and sink to the bottom in a while.

3) Heat the mixture, continuously stirring the turmeric powder and the oil. After a while, when the oil has sufficiently
heated, the turmeric powder will turn black.

4) This is an optional step. It requires adding an extra ingredient. You may skip this step. While continuously heating the mixture add several pinches of gram flour into the mixture. Again you should have an idea, more or less. Unlike the
turmeric which burns black, the gram flour will burn white.

5) Heat just a bit more while still stirring, then turn off the heat and let the mixture take its own time to cool down. Do not immerse the vessel in water or put it in the fridge to cool.

6) When the mixture has sufficiently cooled, apply the mixture with the oil, the burnt turmeric, and the burnt gram flour all over your head. Rub it well into your scalp and onto your hair. If you have pimples on your face, apply there as well, or to any other affected part of your body.

7) Here is the most difficult yet most important part. You will have to wait for about 24 hours for the mixture to seep through your scalp and your skin, and be effective to work its magic. Assuming that you are performing this procedure early in the morning, the entire daytime itself should be about 12 hours, but I discourage removing just then and urge waiting for the entire 24 hour period. While sleeping you can cover your pillow with sufficient sheets of old newspaper or an old cotton towel or perhaps even plastic sheets. Some trace oil will be lost while you sleep but that is alright. You can perform this procedure on the weekend. On sunday morning, and off monday morning.

8) Wash off the excess oil, the turmeric and flour residue along with the dandruff(which I did not spot) with a very mild herbal shampoo and herbal soap. The shampoo and soap should not have any harsh chemicals in it. Do not soak your scalp with the shampoo or your skin with the soap for any length of time, however short. Just a quick on, a good scrub with your hands, and no nails, and a quick off.I used sri sri ayurvedas neem-tulsi-honey shampoo, though I suspect it still has a few chemicals in it.

9) Your scalp should be dandruff free. Repeat this procedure once a week for a few weeks till you feel confident of its
non-return, then you can extend it to maybe once a fortnight. Even though the dandruff had not returned by the end of the week, I have now applied this procedure for three consecutive weeks and my hair is just perfect and no longer unruly. Note that I do not oil my hair or shampoo it during the intermediate days of the week. Just this procedure, once a week is all that I do. Incidentally, my hair-fall stopped almost immediately. I also got rid of the frequent pimples on my face and the occasional boils on my scalp altogether. I had a nasty shoe-bite, which I seem to get from wearing almost any type of sandals, and this oil helped heal that wound. Besides, I do not get the rashes, presumably due to allergies, on my arms and legs any more.

I think this procedure holds a clue to healthy cooking in general. It has worked excellently for me and I hope it does for you too. On a more personal note, I would imagine you priced your hide/scalp a lot more than to just douche it with some mouthwash. But, desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

Thank you.

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Well, turmeric for one used for hair growth prevention for I don't know, like for zillions of years in India. Wondering if it is safe to use it on the scalp !



Parachute is slightly perfumed and may not be of cooking grade. May be using KLF (brand)would make sense, since it is generally used for cooking purpose does not contain perfumes or chemicals in general.


will try this out...since i am badly suffering through dandruff issue... and pimples on my forehead and cheeks..


wow, having it sit on my hair for 24 hours a day once a week is a little much.


Turmeric powder usually use to prevent hair growth I wonder how it can put on hair!!!


I should have never read this and tried this. I just washed my hair and they are falling in clumps. nearly 150 are in my hand and more are falling and i am crying right now. i dont know its the turmeric or the coconut oil but i didn't have much of them to lose and this is what has happened. and i dont know till when will they keep falling. oh God why on earth did i try this?!!!

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