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debby v

I only tend to sweat under my left arm, my right will perspire a bit but not smell as much. It has helped to soak in bath with a cup of baking soda for 10-15 mins. I will wash with body wash after. I have also found that tea tree oil brushed under arm pits a couple nights a week helps with odor. My husbands feet would get wet at work all day long and as a result stunk really bad. A soak in tea tree oil helped after the first try. Also can use it for yeast infections, just add a few drops mixed with vitamin e or water to a tampon and insert for a few hours. That will help with odor down there too. Tea tree oil might be alittle harsh for some.
I also started taking chlorophyll a year ago and after a month of religiously taking it daily, my body odor disappeared from my whole body, my bowel movements didn't even smell. When I ran out my odor would return a few weeks later. I now take it again, its been 3 weeks and I notice a big improvement.This helps with private area odor too. Before you judge this method try it for at least a month.

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where do you buy that tree oil?


Tea Tree oil can be bought anywhere these days -perpersonally I use a range of products from Thursday Plantation - they actually have quite a wide range of tea tree oil products, including toothpaste :))


How do you use the chlorophyll? Also, where can I get it from.


Is chlorophyll something you can ingest? Is that healthy???


What kind of chlorophyll do you use and where can I get it? Thanks!

Elias Hilton

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