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Okay so my boyfriend had been suffering with major bad toothache for a few nights, he'd tried everything, paracetamol cocodamol, codeine, tramadol the lot and nothing touched it. He said it was as though his full left side of his jaw was broken. It was keeping us up till gone 3am as he was in so much pain. So we'd tried pretty much everything and came across this site at about 4am. There was a remedy about crushing the painkillers and turning it into a paste. So we did so. And hey presto he was no longer in pain and back to his beautiful smiley self in no time! Definatly a cure I'm sure we will both stand by in the future!! :) <3

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Sounds like you have a Drug Problem!
Why don't you try and shoot some Heroin in to the Tooth..


I really think that comment was uncalled for.


Wow, what a childish comment. It scares me that immature people like you breed. Very very sad, it's too bad natural selection hasn't killed you yet.


Hello im experiencing the same problem with my husband k u said u crushed them but wat did u use to make it like paste


i used water to make the past with hydro codiene and it still didnt work just brought more pain.


People are so rude!!!! OMG what did you make the paste with?


Worked amazing for me mix it with tooth paste not that hard run it around the area aim pain even yours gums that surround it and it will work in no time thanks girl and her boyfriends


Lmao, i bet he was just super trippy off that Codeine.


how do u make it a paste?


How can you make it into paste? Please tell me. My boyfriend is the same way and tonight I don't want him in pain all over again.

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