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tabitha craig

if you are having a horrible tooth ache and can pin point the tooth that is the cause of it take an 'original formula' BC Powder and coat the tooth and surrounding area. let it sit as long as you can stand it(2-3 mins),then take a drink of something not so may take a little bit for it to kick in but i swear it works..i've been using them for a couple yrs now.....ibuprophen helps also better then acetaminophen because anti-inflammatory in it..both BC and ibuprophen will work every time!!!!!!

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This does work. I also take BC powder in warm water and swish it around for 30 seconds then pour some directly on the tooth and it does work.

I have been taking Ibuprofen 200 mg (2 at a time) and is no longer helping at all

mr. wise

maybe the bc or what ever it is will work but what alot of people dont know is that ibprofen does have an alergic reaction where as acetaminophen does not, and to me when you have a really bad tooth ache some times there is swelling.


My dentist told me that although this will help ease the pain, you will get a bad chemical burn on your gums!! DO NOT USE THIS!!!


bc powder worked just a little in the beginning---yuk, the taste!! but as you all know, well do ANYTHING to get rid of the pain!!! i still say to swish peroxide around by the tooth- or teeth that are hurting-- ahhh relief
i thought it would be dangerous,, but like i said earlier- well do ANYTHING. do it!!!


Careful with Ibuprofen, I see alot of people suggesting it for tooth pain on here. And if your like me with chronic pains you'll be popping alot of IBU. Ibuprofen can have a long term as well as a short term initially unnoticed side effect. It can damage your liver cause ulcers, coma and even not take more then 2 doses of Ibuprofen a day. If you need pain relief alternate Ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol.


my boyfriend has taken over 30 BC powders in the past two days and they are doing nothing for him.

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