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Peter Farmer

Dry socket. I agree with comments on this site that dentists should make clients aware of the pain and suffering which many suffer from dry socket. I was in a chemist in serious pain so desperate for relief only to be told I couldn't be sold penedene forte without a prescription. The problem was my pain was so great I had used the prescription within guidelines without relief.A customer lady told me to look up dry socket on the internet, hence my location of this site.I am sitting here at 2 30am having had no sleep 18/11/2012 with a soaked cotton bud in my mouth on the hole and it seems to be soothing the pain. Dentists risk losing clients through not passing on this valuable information so I cannot understand why it is not passed on.I will update tomorrow about my relief or otherwise.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment.When you see the visuals of the many people suffering it beggers belief that the lucrative industry keeps this matter silent.

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Peter, I can only hope by the time you get this your dry socket is better. I just had a top molar extracted 2 days ago and the pain is HUGE. Am taking antibiotics and when the pain gets bad enough I will take the pain meds. The positive side is, it HAS to get better.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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