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Let me give everyone some advice about Uti's. There are different ways of contracting Uti's. Getting rid of a Uti is a bish. Here is what one should do:

Take a clean wash cloth and lather it with soap that does not dry the skin and that is mild. I personally use body moisturizing body wash. Wash every crack and crevice as you can. Wash your anus good as well. If you had a bowel movement, wash your anus with a wash cloth. If you have a shower head that shoots straight water even aim it towards your anus to help push out the left over feces. A clean anus help defeat Uti infections.. If your to lazy to shower afterwards then use flushable wet wipes. Make sure you really clean everything well.

Drink lots of water, cut down on your sugar intake. Stay warm. If your body feels cold then take a hot shower so your bodies temperature is back to normal. I found that a cold body makes a uti infection worse. Wear socks to keep your feet warm. Drink non caffeinated teas throughout the day. My choice of teas are rooibos tea with milk, peppermint tea with milk, chamomile tea, and or ginger tea. Teas are essential to have to stay warm.
I hope this helps everyone.

Stay Uti free :)

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The yummiest remedy I found for UTI...
Take some granny smith apples pieces skinned... Take some white vinegar and add some salt for taste.. Use it as a dip for the apple slices and eat them.. Trust me it's heavenly taste and it works.. You can drink the left over vinegar after eating the apple.. If you don't feel the magic in an hour, I ll take the blame :-) Have a healthy living


As for no baths that's wrong. A warm bath with just plain water always has helped me. My urologist always had me do this. The thing about baths is that you can not add anything to the water. I have dealt with UTI'S my whole life. Had surgery as a child at age 7. I was born with a double ureter which caused a bit of damage to the kidney. Therefore surgery. I do agree with all the water and cranberry. No sugar.

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