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Ok, I have read through all of these remedies for relieving boils. And tried about every one as well. from tooth paste to the potato,onion, garlic tumeric powder etc. Nothing seemed to work until i tried the Ichthammol ointment. at first i was a bit skeptic because i had tried everything else and hadn't ever heard of it before. so i did some reasearch online and decided to try it out. i have put a second application on it today and i cannot tell you how much better i feel!!! i got the Ichthammol ointment from CVS and it cost me around 6.00 for a one ounce tube. it has already come to a head and it is less painful i am expecting that the boil will burst tomorrow. and at the rate its going, it will. seriously, if you have tried everything else like me and nothing has worked, please try it its really cheap and many swear by it!!! ichthammol ointment is definentally worth the 6 bucks!!!!

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Thanks so much for ur testimony!!!! I've never heard of this nd I've been a long time sufferer for the last 2 decades and have tried this nd that lance this remove that and that soak poke u name it I went about nine or so this morning and bought some and about 12 or so I sigh... in relief its smells a lil funny but oh well..... lol it work's, but anyways thank u again nd again........


First I want to say thank you all for sharing your remedies. I am diabetic and when my sugar is completly out of control here comes the boils. I had my boil for one week and it was abt the size of a golfball and infected and sore with red streaks at that point I knew I should be going to the er to get it lanced (had my first boil on my butt lanced 3 yrs ago and it was the worst experience ever-I can still feel my skin being sliced open) anyway me not wanting to go thru that again I came here and what worked for me honestly was monistat. I put it on one night and covered it the next day came to a small head. I put it on again the next night and that same night it started to drain by its self. Please everyone try this first and I promise you it works!!!! Its almost done draining and still hurts a little but the swelling is gone and the icky stuff inside.

It works!

Ichthammol salve = INSTANT RELIEF. Purchased at Fred's for 6.50, applied 10 minutes ago, the pain was so bad before that I could not sit down. Now, it is still sore/sensitive, but I am sitting pretty comfortably. Thank you for sharing!


thank you so much for sharing. which particular brand of ichthamol ointment

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