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Snuggle up in bed turn up the air conditioning and wrap yourself in all your blankets and watch a really boring documentary or something that does not interest you, and try to stay awake. You'll pass out before you even know it

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This was a stupid suggestion


It shure was you should be ashamed of your self jesus try to help people in need how could you. lol it was a great idea.


This does sound like a stupid idea, but it does work!! When my wife wants to fall alseep, that's exactly what she does...she'll snuggle up, and put on a boring movie, and out she goes!!


I personally think this is a really good idea.


This does work for mild insomnia. I will put on a history channel or pbs documentary about something that bores me and it works if my insomnia isnt too severe


ok, i have a little varietion of this method. of course, snuggle up in bed. but instead of watching a boring show, put in a movie that you really want to watch. everytime it works like a charm for me. i still haven't made it through this new


haha it might sound dumb but its true. its funny that someone even posted that tho


wow this is not a remedie for insomnia, trust me i have insomnia and have not got a bit of sleep in 2 days and this never worked for me i have tryed it soooooo meany times.


I don't think it sounds dumb at all. I actually think it sounds comforting and relaxing. Having the AC on and then being alll warm and snuggled up in a blanket can give you a very secure, comforted feeling. Kind of like lying in bed during a huge thunderstorm, knowing you're nice and safe and warm in your bed. ^.^ I'd try it if I had AC. lol


I have insomnia and I have just recently started doing this (not the boring movie part) and I actually go to sleep in no time, and I always wake up refreshed.

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