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About 3 years ago, I was a college athlete, and in the best shape of my life. Due to knee injuries and my chosen degree, I had to quit. I guess it was the freedom or maybe just laziness, but I stopped working out and kept eating like I always had. Obviously, my metabolism slowed and the number of calories I was burning dropped severely. I started gaining weight. I went from 115lb of toned muscle to 165lb of flab over the course of these 3 years. I also got stretch marks on my sides and on the front of my stomach. I felt disgusting, so I tried many diets. I didn’t stick with any of them. I also have tried almost everything under the sun to get rid of my stretch marks. I know everyone says that, but I literally did. As a 23 year old, summer was torture. I wanted so badly to go boating with my friends and go to the beach, but my stretch marks were holding me back. I basically did nothing all summer in the water.

The products I used for my stretch marks were cocoa butter, the special cocoa butter for stretch marks, vitamin e oil, vitamin e lotions (like a million different ones), fade creams, scar removers, aloe vera, tamanu body butter, exfoliating, lemon juice on the marks, silicone patches (which faded a small amount), bio-oil, I tried a natural scar removal cream from the health food store...nothing helped! Very recently, I decided to try oil cleansing for my face. I was using a mixture of castor oil and sweet almond oil (both from whole foods). Since I had the oils, I decided to do castor packs with the mixture. The packs helped a little bit. Enough that I was encouraged to keep using the oil. I took a bath with the castor oil and sweet almond oil after skin brushing, and that made a small difference and made my skin silky smooth.

Last night, however, gave the best results. I splashed the stretch marks with warm water then used baking soda and massaged it into the stretch marks. I had read this is similar to a microdermabrasion. I did that until the skin was a little pink. Then I took a hot shower and skin brushed. After the shower, I heated a mixture of 1 part sweet almond oil, 1 part jojoba oil, ½ part castor oil, and a couple drops of tea tree oil in the microwave (after a minute it was pretty hot to the touch so be careful!). I massaged this oil into the stretch marks. This morning, I woke up to see the stretch marks on my left side almost completely faded away and the marks on my stomach and right side are faded quite a bit too. I was stoked! I should also mention that yesterday I started oil pulling, which may or may not be a factor.

I am going to stick with this and will update if anything significant happens. I know different products work for different people, but I think this is worth a shot. Castor oil and sweet almond oil are amazing and I hope it helps someone else out there!

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Hello I no this may sound silly but I'm not sure wat oil pulling is and how are you getting on with your marks x


Thank u very much I've been struggling with stretch marks. I will try your remedy NOW but I'm not sure if baking soda and bicarbonate of soda is same thing or not


I have used a cream for stretch marks that I got from an online health food store. It is formulated just for stretch marks and it worked great. I had stretch marks on my shoulders, pectorals and tummy from being a teenager and then massive weight gain. I got it from


Hi there
Please can you show some before and after pics. And, I'm keen to try ur remedy.


Thanks for sharing. You've tried it and in it works. Please do update us of the results. Where may we purchase castor, almond oil and the other oils that you use?


anything tht works for old white stretch marks????


I'm so going to try this and i cant wait for the results. I have an Question what is sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil and tea tree oil?


Can u be a little more specific as to how much u used??


How much of this paste should use and has it helped you


Hi. I would just like to ask if where can I buy those oils?

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