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Rinse out mouth with H2O2 ( Hydrogen Peroxide) about30 seconds before brushing your teeth.

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don't do this, h2o2 is dangerous


it is NOT dangerous but it is also not to be used every day. Thrush is treated with Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouth rinse, 2 x's per day for about 1 week or so. This is from a Dentist. You don't swallow it and if a small amount gets in your system, it is not lethal, not even close.



Some people are so dense. The side of the bottle CLEARLY states all of H2O2's uses, that including an oral rinse. Just don't swallow it. You also know it's working because it bubbles immediately after you use it.

linda in Delano

thanks for the comments. I just found this site. I am looking for a more effective mouth rinse for oral health, as well as cheaper than buying a $3 bottle of sugar water! I'll try it.


Found it today's news:
'REmedy from bad breath: Gargle with hydrogen peroxide (yes, seriously)

We know this sounds awful, but gargling 50 percent hydrogen peroxide with 50 percent H20 for 5-30 seconds is an immediate and lasting cure for microbial bad breath. Also, almost every household is guaranteed to have a bottle. If not, every drugstore will, and the plus side to its medicinal taste is that it's super cheap--$1 for an 8-ounce bottle! (That's cheaper than gum these days!)

These tips will seriously do the trick. When implemented into your daily routine, they may even lessen that morning breath of yours!'


Hydrogen Peroxide are safe as long as you don't swallow it, or get Food grade Peroxide if you are worried about doing that. (Dentist's whitening kits are peroxide based) Dollar tree sell a bottle for .59 cents.

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