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Hi All,
I ve been following this thread for a few years and checking in looking for remedies and seeing how some of you have coped with your GW's. Ive gotten a lot of valuable advice.
My story: I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I started out with about two or three small warts. I wasnt completely sure of what it was but after much internet research I had come to terms that I had GW's. I visited my doctor an received several treatments of Aldara. For me it seemed as thought the Aldara made it worse before it made it better. I continued to take it. However, for some warts I never made it through the complete treatments because it just got too bad. Aside form the sensitivity and scarring it just made the small warts bigger. Next, I went on tho burning them off with little success and even buying a at home wart freeze treatment kit(please dont try this at home, LOL)
Next, after much internet research for natural remedies, I've tried colloidal silver and ACV. ACV worked fine but I was very concerned about the scarring on the sensitive parts of my vajayjay. (My warts were never internal just mainly on the outside and in the area between my labia majora and minor). Anyway, I liked ACV but I knew that I was only treating what was on the outside because the warts kept coming back. About 10 months ago I had another bout after having a clear phase for about 3 months, I read a comment on this thread from someone who used a multivitamin to subside their warts. She didnt want to give a brand name but she mentioned that one of the ingredients in the multi-vitamin were mushrooms so I went on a hunt. I was tired and my love life and confidence were taking a serious beating. I didn't want to get too close to anybody because this ish is too hard to explain to anyone. I think I found the multi vitamin. Its made by Irwin Naturals. It took about a month and a half to two months to notice results. Also, I treated the visible warts with ACV when I began the vitamins but I can honestly say that since I have been taking them, I have yet to see another outbreak. But first off let me say, I dont take them on a regular basis because Im bad at committing to taking pills on a regular basis. I would take them regularly for about 20- 25 days straight and for bout a week I would stop and pick back up again until I run out. The suggested dosage from the manufacturer is 3/day. Not bad but I dont always remember and I would just end up taking two a day.
Well, this is what worked for me and this is absolutely the longest that I have gone without getting warts. If you try this and are successful please reply. This method is still new to me and I dont know if it was the vitamins that made it go away or am I just in a dormant phase. Hope this works for you.

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I just want to know if anyone else tried these vitamins with success?!

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