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Have you ever gone fasting? Do it! 7 day fast twice a year. Your pimples will disappear after 3 days and with a sensible diet between the fasts they will be gone virtually forever! Don't go for topical remedies... this doesn't work and you know that. Heal your skin from within and fasting does that very efficiently! It allows your body to be your doctor. With fasting you'll also fix many other health problems and get slimmer in the process!

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7 days twice a year? That's a bit much. And it could cause more health problems than you think. You need your vitamins an such. And some people don't need to get slimmer.


Believe me, you'll survive 7 days without consuming vitamins. Surf the internet (there are tons of information there) and learn about the benefits of fasting and how to go about it. Your skin will be the main and most obvious beneficiary of not eating for a while. Drink lots of water with lemon juice during the fast.
You should see improvements after just one day, especially when applying an occasional enema as well.


I'm sorry I'd rather live with my acne then starve my self of what I want to eat.


Fasting for 7 days is quite dangerous!! You need the vitamins and minerals that the food gives you! There are better ways to get rid of acne than to put your life at risk. Thanks but no thanks. I would rather live with my acne that put my life on the line.


I have to agree. i've had (adult) acne for more than 20 years. I've done fasts lasting longer than 7 days and i'm alive; with no toxic waste in the colon; feeling great. my skin looks super healthy. Even my husband notices thatObviously people have no clue what fasting is. Take your vitamins if you must. therapeutic fasting is no starving and sometimes one day will clear your face of acne


I dont really want to be starved... it doesnt seem right to get rid of one problem then start a more serious one


This is an excellent way to get rid of acne! Highly advisable!


Hell naw. This chic can't stand not having food for seven hours! Crazy...


This is not me saying STARVING yourself is a good idea. Starving takes at least a couple weeks. I've been forced into situations where I couldn't eat for a week at a time in the most unhealthy sense possible and I am still here to post this comment.

With that said STARVING and FASTING are two separate things. Fasting is most commonly accepted as choosing to not eat for a predetermined amount of time for religious or health purposes. However, there are ways to do this without skipping a weeks worth of vitamins.

One way is during this period of take vitamin pills. You can't live your whole life on pills but it would give you what your body needs for the fasting period.

Another option, if you fear a week is too long, do a shorter time, 3-4 days.

Also you can alternate days, eat one day, skip the next (just for a limited time)

Even though some fasting diets exlude drink, even as someone who isn't opposed to fasting, I feel skipping water is incredibly dumb. You can live 3 weeks without food as long as you drink water. If you're trying to clean out your body, I don't see why you'd remove the cleanest consumable that enters your body. Drink spring water if you can, distilled will have everything (even minerals found naturally in spring water that are good for your body) removed.

I wouldn't recommend fasting as a weight loss method. In my experience of not being able to eat, this is what I can tell you. I am 5 ft 2 in, female, was 19 years old at the time(20 now), consistent 112 lbs for 5 years before food was taken from me. I didn't have access to a scale until my dad rescued me and let me move back in. The day I moved back I weighed about 95 lbs. I went back to eating again, I could not eat more than one meal a day for a week or so before I got full. Within 1 month of living with my dad, I was back at my old weight, but eating half as much. This was my first indication that my metabolism slowed. I've been slowly weaning myself back into food for the last 3 months. I know I maintain my normal weight by eating less, so logically (?) my weight can only go up by eating my normal amount. I was a size 3 before, during the period of not eating, a size 1 was too big (I never want to have that problem again). Now a size 1 fits me comfortably, and I hate clothes shopping, so I don't want to change pant sizes again. I had no energy. I had anxiety attacks and my depression worsened. So I strongly don't recommend this for losing weight, unless you have a healthy diet plan set up for you when you get out of it... fresh veggies, ladies and gents. White meats, fish, plenty of yummy stuff to eat, and the best part, you don't go crazy and slow your metabolism doing it. Knowing that the weight loss is only temporary if no further action is taken, I wouldn't worry about being someone who doesn't need to lose weight.

As far as a detoxification method... I wasn't really paying attention, I was more worried about how I was getting too thin. However, I snooped around the internet and found some articles about fasting, and there's no hard evidence that fasting detoxes you any better than your natural sweating.

I broke out more when I first got back to my dad's more than every, mostly due to the stress caused by memories of my situation, and my tendency to rub my shoulders and chin when I'm stressed. I find that taking long warm showers, sitting down and letting the water hit you is very relaxing. Between that and the Dove soap and scrubber I use, my favorite is the rose one, it smells nice, and my break outs have been doing fine. I also wash my face and back with salt water and rinse with cold water.

There doesn't seem to be enough information to decide if fasting is actually that beneficial. I was only hurt as bad as I was because it went on for months, and when I got to eat, it was just white rice or my friend's leftovers. Ramen if I were lucky. Even now, I'm the exact health I was before it happened (with potentially a slower metabolism, I'm still testing that). Even though I can't prove it'll actually help if done properly, I've been in the 'you're doing it wrong' situation, and I'm fine now. You can always start eating again in the middle if you find it does not help.


Sounds interesting. It's a fresh alternative to all the tooth paste, lemon juice, benzagel and baking soda applied to my face - never with any lasting results, always over drying my skin badly! I did some fasting in the past and I remember my skin improving but I never thought I could do it more regularly for the sole purpose of getting rid of acne. I'll give it a try! I'm ok with it! I've heard many good things about fasting from time to time. Thank you :)

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