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I promised myself that I would take the time to write a detailed note if ACV ever cures my plantar wart on my heel (I also posted it at a different site.) I am AMAZED it did. 3 years of almost anything possible: freezing, cantharidin, CO2 laser, pulsed dye laser, bleomycin - and finally ACV got rid of this unbelievable nuisance.
I will not write too much about the past treatments, it was a long and frustrating journey. I will just say that CO2 laser was a BIG mistake. (A few years ago I had a good past experience with pulsed dye laser and I thought that only one type of laser exists; the dermatologist I went to did not fully explain the procedure and when I saw smoke coming out of my foot it was too late – he used a CO2 laser on my heel – painful, useless and makes the wart MUCH more difficult to treat). I spent a year trying pulsed dye laser after I finally found it at Temple University but this time it did not work. The wart continued to grow and became unbearable. I still believe in PDL but it was probably the CO2 laser that made the wart very difficult to treat.
So, after I almost lost all hope, I came across this site as well as a mention of ACV in the Mayo clinic site. I decided to give it a shot. My wife is a physician/researcher and she made fun of me, as this is not a scientifically proven method – but I had nothing to lose.
Here is what I did every night:
(1) Shave the wart with an emery board. I found that the pumice stone is not effective. Also, I found that it is best to do it on a dry skin.
(2) Cut a piece of gauze and SOAK it in ACV. It needs to be dripping wet. Put it on the wart, secure it with a cloth tape and then cover everything with a duct tape. Do not press too hard as it will drip all over. My theory is that other destructive methods did not work because they were applied every 3-4 weeks and this thing just keeps penetrating and kills the skin/wart.
After the first few night (~5) all you see is a puffy white circle. I kept going. At some point, it starts to burn BADLY a few hours after you put it. The wart also turns black. More and more black every day. Keep going despite the pain. I used to go to sleep and it woke me up. It is VERY painful. No way you can continue sleeping. When I woke up in pain, I just removed everything, washed my foot and went back to sleep after a few minutes. In the morning, I put Mediplast (40% salicylic acid) – it helped soften the skin for the next “treatment” at night and it is also an analgesic agent.
I kept doing this until I could not stand the pain anymore even a few hours after I woke up in the morning (it was very very hard to step on the foot). The overall process took 2-3 weeks. After I stopped, I allowed it to heal, but I kept the Mediplast on for a full week with a waterproof tape.
After the first round I noticed that the wart had gotten MUCH smaller but it was still there. I was encouraged. I did another round of treatment for about 2 weeks. In the second round it took longer for the ACV to start burning and the black mark was much smaller. Eventually it did become painful though and at some point unbearable and I stopped. Again, I let it heal for a few weeks, this time without Mediplast. I also stopped using the emery board.
Today I went to the podiatrist and she confirmed that the wart is gone. I am still in SHOCK. The described is my personal experience and not any recommendation for anybody to do anything…

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ACV works! I had a very similar experience and results using ACV.
Suggestion for minimizing the pain - keep the tape off of the toenail so that the toe can 'breathe'. Keep the tape secure but 'loose'.
Be consistent with treatment.
Have some pain meds handy ;)
I have been treating my big toe for 1 year off and on after having the warts for 3+!years and I am happy to say that I am down to the last area of infection.
Some things that had me taking breaks during the process: pain, resignation , not knowing what it was suppose to look like during the process, tired of scraping the skin off, thinking it was done and they were all gone, the smell of wet skin and ACV, doubt etc.
I promised myself to write about it after I got rid of the warts and completed the process.


What is ACV?


Apple Cider Vinegar


I've been using acv on a 10 year old wary now for about a week and a half... First few days the middle turned black and I dissected it out and then the surrounding circle.. the acv seems to stop working... Then a few days ago I can see the defined wart about the size of a quarter . It's getting more yellow Browning black... Should I keep going with acv ? I have an urge to cut the parts that are cuttable but I heard your not supposed to cut it...

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