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Hello, I'm 28 years old and have been taking oral contraception pills for most of my adult life. Until a few months ago I had been taking Ortho Tri Cyceln Lo, this pill just like most other oral contraception has estrogen. I've been suffering from migraines for many years and have tried countless prescription pills from my neurologist. Some of them have worked but I wanted to prevent the migraines, not just treat them. It wasn't until I switched OBGYNs earlier this year and my doctor determined the cause of my DAILY migraines was from the estrogen in the Ortho. The added estrogen was at toxic levels in my body thus creating side effects such as migraines. She didn't run any tests or anything, it was just common knowledge for her. She switched me to a progestin only pill and the migraines stopped completely.I still get the occasional migraine but I'm relating those to my monthly cycle. Bottom line, if you are a migraine suffered taking any type of oral contraception, try switching to a progestin only pill. The effects is almost instant, it's incredible. 100% life changing for me.

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Interesting info. I'm 22 and have only been tsking burth control for 8 months, but I'm starting to suspect some sort of withdrawal effects because I've been getting increasingly bad migraines on my off-pill days.


I am also 22 and I have recently been taken off of my birth control containing estrogen, since the doctor's swore that my migraines were from my birth control. I am now taking a progesterone only pill and I am still suffering from an almost continuous migraine. My doctor won't do anything more, since I have been allergic to some of the migraine medicines in the past, and I'm almost to the end of my rope with the migraines!


Ethical concerns: It is estimated that a sexually active woman will experience at least one very early abortion every year that she is on the Pill.2 Both pro-abortion and pro-life groups acknowledge that the Pill causes early abortions.3

Medical side effects: The birth control pill increases the risk of breast cancer by over 40% if it is taken before a woman delivers her first baby.4 This risk increases by 70% if the Pill is used for four or more years before the woman’s first child is born.5 Other side effects that women have experienced include high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, depression, weight gain, and migraines. Diabetics who take oral contraceptives may note increased sugar levels. Some women who stop taking the Pill do not have a return of their fertility (menstrual cycles) for a year, or even longer. Although the Pill decreases ovarian and some uterine cancers, it increases breast, liver, and cervical cancer.4 At least three studies have noted that the AIDS virus is transmitted more easily to women who are taking the Pill if their partner(s) have the HIV virus.

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