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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had plantar warts for YEARS. I contracted them from my sister, who got them successfully removed by freezing. I, however, have lupus and am on medication that essentially weakens my immune system and was unable to fight them off. This resulted in the worst plantar warts I have ever seen/heard of. They took over the whole ball of my foot. I was embarrassed even when showing doctors because they were so terrible. Eventually my dermatologist ran out of options and essentially could only tell me that she was sympathetic. I went through every OTC treatment, freezing, painful ACV, herbal remedies, everything. For years I would avoid taking off my shoes or carry band aids around with me everywhere just in case so I could cover them. Finally I came upon this site and saw that someone suggested putting nail polish on them. I put a massive coating of clear nail polish on the warts at all times and it's been a week and the whole thing is almost gone I cannot believe how painless, quick, easy, and cheap a solution could be! I urge everyone to try this! If you don't see the same immediate results as I did, I did spend weeks weakening the warts with ACV and OTC products, which may have sped up the process. I'm going to keep applying nail polish even after they're gone for a little while to make sure they do not return, but I have faith this will work. Good luck to everyone these things are monsters!

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Hi, i am trying trying the nail polish today. How long does it take for it to heal? And did you covered it with duct tape?

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