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I find very interesting that different remedies work for for some people and not others. And we are also in that category. After spending a lot of money on tablets, patches etc our remedy cost us nothing. Our 12 year old daughter has 3 warts on one foot and 2 on the other and were the usual painful. We had given up on remedies and were waiting for doctors appointment at our local hospital to have them surgically removed. In the time we were waiting she went on a school camp and went swimming 3 times during the week. On her return home the warts had begun to disappear. Three weeks later and they have almost gone and the skin is back to normal and the pain disappeared almost instantly after the camp. So my deductions are that pool chlorine is the answer. So go for a swim in a pool first before you try other remedies? I would be interested to see if this works for others. Drop me an email at (

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My daughter swims for an hour once a week and it has not helped at all with her plantar warts which keep getting worse.


my daughter 20yrs has had planters warts for almost 10 years. She is a keen swimmer and has played water polo in chlorine pool for 10 years. Her warts have doubled in number and size. I don't believe Chlorine is the answer. She has had her foot duck taped up for 2 weeks now with no response ! spose we bring out the banana peel and ACV.


Hot beach sand has been known to get rid of warts.


My four year old just finished swimming lessons. It didn't help :(


My daughter had a wart on one of her fingers. It disappeared after we started going to the swimming pool in the summer


My warts on my feet cleared up after a week at the beach. I don't know if it was the sand or the salt water, but I am now wart and pain free. Coincidentally, the sand removed calluses on my feet from where I stand on my feet anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. It was a natural pedicure.

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