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In my teens I had what my Dr. called “skin tags” in my armpit and they have been there ever since (and 2 more have popped up). They are apparently caused either skin-to-skin rubbing or from clothing rubbing against the skin and are known to appear during/after pregnancy and in obese people. I will be getting married on March so I was hoping to get these things to go away before wearing a strapless dress so I began to look into treatment. I tried using tea tree oil for 3 weeks with absolutely NO change in the size/appearance of the tags.

I decided to give another method a try and began the baking soda & castor oil method. By mixing equal parts castor oil & baking soda to form a paste and applying to the tag (covering with a band aid) and cleaning/repeating 2 times a day the tags are said to “dry up” and just fall off. So far (2 weeks in) I have pain from the band aid adhesive on my skin and a sore skin tag that’s does look a little different. Even though they look “different” I don’t see them drying up or falling off any time soon, if at all, and because they are so sore I don’t know that trying the tying method would be a good idea right now.

Has anyone tried this baking soda/castor oil method before? I’m curious to know if what is going on is the result of it working or if I’m just wasting my time.

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I have tried both those methods and got no results. See a dermatoligist or sterlize clippers and clip them off, or do it yourself if you are a brave soul.


The nurse at my pediatric clinc my daughter goes to just seabed mine with a alcohol pad and pulled it off. She had her gloves on of course and it griped it good. After she pulled it off she rubbed the achohol pad again and put on a band-aid. Felt like a pinch. Almost painless.

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