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Trimmed/Filed my toe nails as far as I could. They even started bleeding a bit. I also filed the top of the nails down until they appeared a bit healthier. I cleaned them out with nails tools the best I could. Toes Nails look awful but I was on a mission. I soaked them for 20 min. For the first 2 weeks/3 times a day I soaked a Q-tip with alcohol and cleaned each toe. Fresh one for each foot. Then did the same with Tea Tree Oil. Many times a day. After two weeks, I trimmed again and kept going with the treatments twice a day...still soaking daily for 20 min. It's been 8 weeks and my toes are almost back to normal. They look great. Still have a bit of work to do but they look 80% better. I will keep doing this for 6 months.

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Geri, it sounds like you're going through a lot to treat your toenail fungus. I know home remedies are preferred by many people but for this situation, it sounds like you could save yourself a lot of pain by looking into laser treatment for your toenail fungus. Check out There are a lot of ways to treat toenail fungus, and I hope this helps you, so you're not making your nails bleed.

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I tried laser 3 months ago with no improvement. My podiatrist said it might not work. I thought it was pretty expensive.

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