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Hi i suffered from chronic urticaria for 1 yr, got hives on a daily basis all over my bodies plus weekly swelling of lips or eyes. I visited a no. Of drs/specialists with absolutely no results and the drs didn't have a clue what to do. I managed the symptoms with antihistamines prescribed but it obviously didn't treat the problem. I then discovered homeopathy, which completley got did of hives without having o use any drugs. Would definitely recommend,

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Can you Please tell me which homeopathic medicine you have used for ulticaria I have used few aswel but no relief kindly help me.
My email address is


Yes please share the medicine u tried
I have been suffering with hives since September. Thank you


Please help!
Let me know which homeopathic meds u took.
I am miserable!


which homeopath medicine did you use?


My hives started Christmas Day and I have woke up every morning since then with them don't know why or what is causing them but would love for them to stop as quickly as they started can you send me the remedy you used?


Please send me the name of the treatment you used. Thanks,


Please forward info regarding homeopathic remedies taken for hives with swelling sister has been unable to manage this problem with conventional medical methods...thank email


I have the same issue can you please tell me about homepathic you have used. My email address is


Hi any information on your treatment or details of the products used would most welcome. Can you please send the details to

Many thanks

prajna 1

My sister suffers so bad this hives.
Please send me the name of the homeopathy you use .
My email address:

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