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hi! I just wanted to say that I read here that a pregnant lady put alchohol on her warts and they re gone. I thought that instead of starting with any of all the chemicals, why not just try that which sounds safe. And that thing I have, which may be HPV (I was diagnosed and treated - horrible one year treatment that leaded to laser that left me scars- with HPV 20 yrs ago) so maybe it came back due to stress,OR herpes (I had a similar little wart 10 yrs ago which they told me it was herpes, again due to stress. So anyway, I was planning to go to the doctor when after putting walmarts %91 isopropyl alchohol I see this thing is not happy and shrinking :) Anyway, I'll update further but heck! What stupid sicknesses are these that they come from unknown reasons, they are not curable and the solution is to burn the warts! And they make us so anxious! (They just want to sell vaccines and get money I think)

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ok... I was intending this post for genital warts posts... but maybe it is helpfull here too. The thing is that its almost gone and I dont want to go to the doctor to fight one more time about conventional medicine so I'm not sure if it was hpv or herpes. It could be herpes because I had this wart for more than 6 months and it was growing very slowly. I'm going through a huge change in my life now and even if it was one or the other I have dealt with both in the past so I was not so conserned, just checked and hoped it was a hair ingrowth or wont get worse. I had a no-sex period due to traveling etc so ok... But during the last week this thing got mad! It grew and hurt me a bit. I got mad at it too so I pinched it and blood with peon came out. Of course I was freaking scared so I searched the net for holistic remedies. I came to this site and read the home remedies of genital warts. I found the post about the alcohol treatment and Im applying to it as often as I can with a band aid to hold a little piece of cotton soaked in alcohol there.
This thing is mad! It is surely dying. Its almost shrined down to the surface. Ill keep you posted when will my skin looks normal again. Now its like it has a little sore but no wart any more, in just a few days. A reminder: I read this treatment from a pregnant lady for HPV but the phases that the wart went through sounds like herpes to me... ANyway, no other things anywhere around so everything good...


What alcohol?

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