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So happy :D

Oh my gosh, this actually worked!!! My first post is below about how had a pretty huge skin tag on my bum. Well after roughly three weeks it has gone, literally just fell off! Im so happy i could cry

At first i had tied a thread around it every few days but nothing much was happening. This went on for two weeks so roughly five days ago, I made a noose from a piece of thread, slipped it over, pulled and then wrapped it round to keep it in place and this worked. If you cant physically feel it cutting in its not tight enough.

Now be warned: it does hurt ALOT!! For the whole of the next day i had to be careful how i sat down and was wincing every time i moved but i looked that evening just 24 hours later, and it had shrunk and was starting to go black around the edges. It does also secrete a little bit of blood and mucusy stuff but nothing major

A couple of days later I tried another noose in the same way and it kept getting smaller and smaller. At this point too i could twist the whole thing too, a bit like when you're a kid with a tooth coming out.

It just kept getting looser and looser and this evening, i was twisting it and it just came off in my hand! No blood, no pain, nothing! Im so happy i want to tell everyone but since no one can know my secret i'll have to type it anonymously on the internet.

If you can handle the pain, and mine went from around 15mm to about 3mm in give days, it is well worth it. Be patient and dont give up!

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Goshhhh its so damn hurttt!!! Anyone who wants to try this, pls ensure u hv pain killer n pain relief cream eg. neosporin which normally needs prescription frm GP. I cant sleep all night the first day i tried it. The pulsating pain was terrible. Hope it will worth the pain.


Im doing the same right now since 4days. It's kinda bothering me back there.

When I go to the toilet and swap it like i usually do, it bleeds a little.
I put Tea Tree Essential Oil each time i go to the toilet to avoid any kind of infection.

Did u had the same?
The colour didnt change yet, but it looks slightly smaller..

Hope i can get rid of it SOON!!!


Alright guys, if your doing the thread thing, stop because it can cause an infection. Plus its so much easier and quicker to do it like I did. I had 4 skin tags in my armpit, all I did was take a fingernail clippers and clipped em off.. it hurts for literally only a couple seconds, yes it bleeds a tiny tiny bit but that's it, and the only part that hurt was the initial clip, after it was off there was no pain. And the clip only hurt as bad as a papercut. Plus my skin tags have never came back, with the tea oil, or the thread way they can come back. I even had one larger one removed at the doctors office and they clipped it off also and told me its the best way to do it.
Good luck


Would a little Lidocain or pain deadner on the skin first before clipping help???


I have an anal tag. I read years ago to tie rubber bands around it and within a few days it'll fall off once it shrivles. I didn't put the bands at the base of the tag, so 3 days later the bands fell off. Since I didn't put the bands at the base only half of the tag fell off. I have now read about dental floss and drying it up with nail polish remover. I've had this tag for 12 years. It is embarrassing and ungly. But reading everyone's helpful comments I'm finally ride of the eye sore. Floss to cut off the circulation then an alcohol to dry it quicker was the best solution than an over priced doctors visit.

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