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hi everyone!
for dark circles use tea bags
empty the tea bags then set them under your eyes they can be warm or room tempreture leave them on for 20 minutes and do that every day for 2 weeks
please comment any questions i will answer them or just put a comment...
tell me how it works by commenting thanks! :)

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Erika V.

This works great for bags/puffyness but tea Darlene skin pigments Beware.

Erika V.

Sorry I meant to say darkens not my daughters name....and the cucumbers for puffyness and the egg whites for puffyness NOT for dark circles...they are mostly hereditary so there really no getting rid of them....but I use coconut oil every morning and night and tons of anti aging concealer.


What kind of tea bags


Guys, she means to squeeze out the excess water from the tea bag before applying it under your eyes! A tea bag is a small sack containing tea that you buy from a supermarket in boxes- instead of using tea's less messy and you don't have leaves everywhere in your cup


Can i used any kind of tea? such as Lipton Tea? How long it will take to remove those under eye circles? I need your answers :) Thank you.


For everyone who is confused, I've heard about this remedy multiple times so i'm quite sure the person who posted it is trying to say:

DRAIN the tea bags from warm water or room temperature water then leave rest the tea bags on your eyes for 20 minutes. Do it everyday for 2 weeks.

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