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hi everyone!
for dark circles use tea bags
empty the tea bags then set them under your eyes they can be warm or room tempreture leave them on for 20 minutes and do that every day for 2 weeks
please comment any questions i will answer them or just put a comment...
tell me how it works by commenting thanks! :)

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Does it matter what type of tea it is?


please tell me i have black circle my age is 24 years & more blemish in my face my body scin is to good but my face is not good for blemish & dark ciecle
please tellme home resepy


Hello Geniuses! 'Empty the tea bag' meaning squeeze the remainder of the water out of the tea bag after removing it from either boiling or hot water. You would want to use regular Lipton Tea Bags you get from the grocery store or Walgreen's. The caffeine and the tea leaf together help reduce the look of dark under-eye circles. Also, caffeinated coffee ground slightly wet with warm water(like a paste)place it under your eye 1x daily for 20 mins and 2 weeks later you will be amazed!


Use of Tea Bag is also a simple and Most Effective Way to Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes Because Caffeine Present in Tea Bags Diminish Puffiness Under Eyes. Take a Used Tea Bag But make Sure it has been Cool then Place it on your Eyes at least For 10 Minutes But Be Careful and Don`t let Tea to go into your Eyes.Tea bags are easily available in market ask shopkeeper they will guide you.

Proof Reader

Idiots. Sounds like most of these girls need a vocabulary lesson more so than tea bag advice. I looked at this post & instead of learning anything about tea bags under the eyes, I learned how retarded today's youths are turning out to be. Thank God I grew up in the era of actually learning how to spell as oppose to relying on a crappy Iphone to incorrectly use auto correction. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF PROOF READING? IF NOT, GOOGLE IT! Lmao.


lol omg empty the tea bag means squeeze the water out of it once uv made a cup of tea! its not that difficult, dear me!


Oh my gosh...I can't believe the rude responses to this post because they didn't understand what 'empy the tea bag meant' - before you even consider using tea bags to cure your dark circles under your eyes, You might want to consider working on your stress levels.


Lol settle down ladies


you people are really stupid

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