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hi everyone!
for dark circles use tea bags
empty the tea bags then set them under your eyes they can be warm or room tempreture leave them on for 20 minutes and do that every day for 2 weeks
please comment any questions i will answer them or just put a comment...
tell me how it works by commenting thanks! :)

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Use tea bags like u would to make tea. Put water in a mug wit tea bags heat them in the microwave. Remove the tea bags squeeze out water n put them on ur eyes. I don't think it matter wut kind of tea it's just the tea itself the helps!


if u want to advice any body please advise properly! What do you mean by empty tea bags? do we put the bags in hot water so that the tea draines out of the tea bags.


Must we use the empty bag or the tea leaf?


Yes please explain what you mean by empty the tea big!!!!


you should put green tea bags under your eyes for 20 minutes a day. U shld see results in 2 weeks.


So the tea bags r boiled, then drained? Ill try but i want it right


i went on your tube and just watched a 6 or 7 min video that explained how to do the TEA BAG REMEMDY.
1) You boil water in pot or heat water in a microwave
2)then pour the hot water in to two separate cups.
3)IN each cup put a tea bag. if you want to use 1 big cup of hot water. go right ahead.
4) after the tea bags have set in water for a while(Maybe 5 or 7 mins) then take the tea bag out and squeeze excess water out of tea bags
5) the tea bags are now ready to be applied to your face.
6)You can apply a warm tea bag ( which may take longer for the dark circles to disappear) or you can put the tea bag in freezer after you remove them from the cups of tea.

7)lay down ( head elevated) and apply each tea bag on each eye for about 15mins. do it every day. also sleep with your head elevated which helps the blood flow. an un-elevated head has something to do with the fluid around eyes/ poor circulation which in return causes puffy eyes.




I forgot to mention:

If you decide to use a cold tea bag........after you have removed the tea bag from the hot water and then once you have squeeze the excess water out of tea bag. Then put the tea bag in the freezer for about 20 mins and then apply to each eye. you can also leave it on the freezer for 15 mins. you just want the tea bag to have a nice good chill to them( meaning cold) not room temp. not luke warm. but you want them all the way cold.




Tea bag needs to be wet,squeeze off excess moisture. I would think place in refridgerator over night as the cold will help as well. Per other recommendations Green Tea bags may have extra effect due to higher tannin concentration. Its actually the cold moisture that is effective, considering cold spoons, cucumber slices etc are recommended. If you dont know what tea bags are, go to the grocery store and look in the coffee section, you will find them.

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