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hi everyone!
for dark circles use tea bags
empty the tea bags then set them under your eyes they can be warm or room tempreture leave them on for 20 minutes and do that every day for 2 weeks
please comment any questions i will answer them or just put a comment...
tell me how it works by commenting thanks! :)

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Empty the tea bag? What does it mean? I have to use only the packet?

And how long will it take to cure completely? As in 1 month or 2 months or what?


um.....yeah.....what does empty the bag mean? that's just weird


Where do we get the tea bag?


only we should keep the empty tea bag over the dark circles???


hii..only can we use normal tea beg or we can use lemon tea beg or green tea beg also??


wat do u mean by tea bag


wat do u mean by tea bag.reply me soon

nana with circles

I am with them. empty the ea bag? Huh?


who wrote this? what does it mean? what do you do with the tea bags boil it or what are you trying to say? it doesn't make sence.


I think she meant squeeze out the water from the tea bag.

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