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There is a strong correlation between anxiety/panic disorder and low levels of certain vitamins and minerals. There are several things you can do to restore this balance in your body:

1. Take calcium, magnesium, and b-complex vitamin supplements

2. Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates, and instead eat foods low in sugar and containing whole grains

3. Avoid coffee, tea, and cola sodas (or any other drinks with caffeine)

4. Avoid alcohol and drugs, as these tend to use up your bodies supply of important vitamins and minerals when your body metabolizes them

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Acupuncture works very well for anxiety and panic disorders -- I had been on medication for years - but have been able to completely rid myself of all medication -- some herbal supplements may help - but you need to have your liver checked if you are on high doses of certain herbs. Acupuncture alone can balance your hormones, emotions and panic triggers. I would recommend anyone looking for alernatives to drugs to find a acupuncturist.

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