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Run the burn under water for a minute or two and cover the burn with a thick layer of salt while wet. Instant relief of pain and no blisters. Can be used on first and second degree burns according to the pathologist who gave me this remedy.

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Just did this with my 5 yr old grand daughter. She touch a hot pan with both hands. Nothing seem to work, but she says the water and salt made it feel a lot better. Now using her fingers like they never got burned.


Thank you so much!!! Oil burns on the feet feel so much better now, pains not completely gone but it works very well, now it's time to sleep :)


Used ice first and Polysporin but no relief so decided to run arm under cold water and try the salt. The burn from the oven rack was nasty, a little swollen already showing signs of getting a blister but I continued to wet the burn and add new salt 6 or 7 times and before the day was up no blister and pain was completely gone. Thank you!


Worked for a minute or two, then the pain came back worse than before. );

M Ford

Picked up a red hot saucepan handle tonight about 6.30pm. Ran it under cold water 30mins at least. Then went on line and saw salt treatment. Have had a burn to my leg 10 years ago which took months to heal, so I was worried as this burn to my hand was as painful. Poured salt on my wet hand and was shocked at the relief. Pain returned a 5 mins later so I repeated, rinsing off salt and reapplying. Same relief and waited longer and pain returned a bit and then subsided. I've repeated this 5 times and my my hand is fine. It is now 10pm and No pain and wrinkled skin and redness has gone! I cannot believe it! I am so amazed and relieved. Thank you for posting this, I thought I would be down the hospital earlier tonight but it has certainly worked for me.

Stinging pain

Just tried this and it stung so bad it felt like I was getting whipped :(


This helps so much. It gives instant relief. But after a while it starts burning.

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