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Run the burn under water for a minute or two and cover the burn with a thick layer of salt while wet. Instant relief of pain and no blisters. Can be used on first and second degree burns according to the pathologist who gave me this remedy.

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Worked extremely well.Thanks for taking the time to put this on here. :)


This did not work for me. Once applies, the burn started to burn and ache again after a minute.


pathologist who gave me this remedy any one else find this funny?


Worked great! Even though I was late on applying and there was already a blister, didn't take long at all for all of the sting to go away! Thanks!


Worked instantly! Now I can sleep! :)


burned even more for me once the salt was on.


Instant relief!!!! Thank you :)

your pathologist is phenominal<although i'm typing this with my left hand. the excruciating pain came back after removing from cold water.going outside in the cold works but i can't stay outside all night. i could not believe the salt actually works!the pain is only bothersome which i can live with!


You would be stupid to even try this! Never put salt or lemon juice or butter on a burn! You will just cause yourself pain.


I was skeptical but willing to try it. It worked instantly! Im even typing with my burnt finger :)

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