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Run the burn under water for a minute or two and cover the burn with a thick layer of salt while wet. Instant relief of pain and no blisters. Can be used on first and second degree burns according to the pathologist who gave me this remedy.

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Instant relief yes, but lasting relief no. It's difficult to constantly redo this with a 10 month old reeking havoc on the house


Instant relief! And the pain stayed away. Now i can sleep. :)


Can't believe how well this worked!


This ended up not working for me unfortunately

JAK, Connecticut

I did two things one person told me to squeeze lemon on it after running it under cold water which I did and it helped temporarily, then I found this suggestion and it did work and I feel so so much better can't believe how well this worked...well I am not totally sure which one worked but I think the salt worked because I still have relief and its been over 3 hours now. Thank you


YAY! Now I can work in peace :) It really did help.


Really worked! Put a bandaid over the salt, felt instant cooling! Thanks so much!


Relief was not instant, but then I wrapped my finger with the salt in a paper towel and put an ice-cube outside. Needless to say I felt instant relief. I was able to finish baking my awesome cupcakes and did all my prep for cooking tomorrow.


Did not work


Had ice on a 2nd degree burn for hours. Pain was still bad. Tried this with a good amount of doubt! It took 2 applications, but totally worked!

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