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hi everyone! i have dark circles right now, it makes me look ugly and with my dark circles i can't enjoy life so i use cucumber for my dark circles
leave the cucumber on for 30 minutes under your eyes every day for 2 weeks
don't stop using it I promise it will work thanks guys! remember everyone's beautiful!

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You made me laugh so much . ..

- I have dark circles and do everything wrong, sleep deprived, over worried, lots of dreams and schemes and no action!

I'll try the cu's - have a party next week so should look better and yes everyone is beautiful
.....thanks for that!


your welcome! :)


You're an idiot

ma u

ni mokham


I have had bad dark eye circles most of my life!! I must try this!! I wish I could change this about myself.


You have dark circles but say that you use cucumber which gets ride of dark circles.

So why do you still have dark circles?


you cant enjoy life bc of dark circles? wow, thats such a minor thing to let bring you down so much...


Maybe i shud try out ths 1....
Hope it'l work... :-)


Really? You can't enjoy life because of dark circles? I think you might want to look for joy in other things in life. Life does not end at dark circles, I promise.


Why 2 weeks? After 2 weeks its all better for how long?

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