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Might not work for everyone, but it did for me. Tape record the information to want to remember, then play it really quietly, in a loop while you sleep.

(the quiet part is the key, your brain will pick it up still, even if you can't barely hear it. Plus you don't want to disturb your sleep.)

PLEASE comment on this if you try it, I want to know if it works for anyone else!!!! I did it for all my exams

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It works subliminally. Your subconcious mind registers what is on the tape and remembers.

J. Matthews

this technique really is a ggod one. I've used it while in college and it worked.


i use to use this method when i was studying for tests in school and remembering how to build things that go boom and character info on Vampire the Masquraid


in a loop?


i read the info i wanted to remember before bed, your subconcious plays back your day and the important abnormal things (like studying out of routine) it will focus on. i did this for my exams and it has helped me soooo much. i tried playing the loop with a weight loss cd and it didnt help me at all...i sleep like a rock.


When I was a kid I would play music to sleep to, and even though I had never heard the albums during the day, I knew the songs! It works.


yes it works when u hear any thing repeatedly. I listen to vishnu sotram daily during my work out session now almost 75% of sotram I remember with out praticing it.
Yes every one can try this even to learn any slokas and any hard things not easy to recollect.

Rusty Griswold

I tried it.

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