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Fever blisters used to be the bain of my life and would pop out about once a month until my doctor how to prevent them. Take L-Lysine every day, once in the morning and once at night. Since I have been doing that I rarely have fever blisters, and if I do it's because I forgot to take a regularly scheduled dose of L-Lysine. You can buy it at any vitamin counter. It has been working for me for years now.

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I also was getting fever blisters back to back, as one healed another popped up. For the first year or two. I started lysine and now rarely get them. Maybe once a year and it is usually when I am highly stressed and sick, when my immune system is down.


L-Lysine works great if you feel a fever blister coming on.


I'm with you. Take L-Lysine every day and don't get the sores. My nephew use to get them on a regular basis. He started taking L-Lysine and never had a problem again.

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