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Our success using banana skin to treat plantar warts. Our story begins with our daughter picking up plantar warts on her heel 3 years ago while we were on holiday. We too went through the never ending round of using OTC wart treatments which never eliminted the warts and we eventualy went to our local doctor who prescribed the usual salicylic acid solution. When this didn't work, our doctor tried freezing the warts. This also did not work. As many people have commented, the treatment of warts is a never ending task, done every day, is painful for the child (to the point of tears), causes great concern to the parents and frustration to all with no success after months and months of treatment (never mind the cost of doctor's fees). Not only did the original warts not go away, other warts grew around the original 2. Thus, despite all our efforts over more than 3 years, the end result was more warts! I turned to the internet in desperation in seach of an alternative method to eliminate plantar warts. I came across the use of apple cider vingear (ACV) (5% acetic acid), and we tried this every night over 4 months. The strong vinegar smell did not go over well with my child but she persevered, soaking her heel in the ACV for 25 minutes every night and then having absorbent pads cut to size, soaked an ACV and taped over the warts. The white (dead) skin was scraped away once or twice a week to reveal the black dots within the warts. This was faithfully done every night for over 4 months. Several of the 'satellite' warts did die away, however, the 2 original warts remained. The constant soaking and scraping had worked to a degree but we seemed to not have achieved progress with the original 2 warts. The tears and frustration of my child drove me back to tthe internet again. I was not convinved of duct tape, underarm deoderant spray or other such remedies which seem to work for others. I did however come across the use of banana skin. Here my scepticism went into overdrive, but I was desperate to help my daughter finally get rid of her plantar warts. I told her, you are not going to beleive what we will try next; I think she had an image of soaking her heels in a bowl of fruit salad! My thought was, well I have nothing to lose so let's give it a go. And the result: success. Within 2 months all the warts are gone including the 2 original warts after a total of nearly 3.5 years of treatment. What did we do? We placed a small piece of banana peel cut to the appropriate size over the wart (the side that was touching the banana, placed onto the wart), and held the banana peel in place with tape. The banana peel was replaced every evening after washing the foot. The banana peel seems to act like a milder version of the salisylic acid solution we originally tried in that the wart and the surround skin slowly turned white. Why this happens I have no idea. We scraped off the dead white skin about once a week. Over several weeks, the warts became smaller and eventually they were gone. We kept up the treatment for a week afterward, just to be sure. It took about another 2-3 weeks for the skin on the heel to return to normal, but normal it is. So, despite my initial scepticism, I have to say it worked for us and I am writing this blog to pass on our success story. It might not work for everyone and I am convinced persistence is the key. Using banana skin is easy, cheap, not smelly and does not cause tears. I wish I had known about it months ago. Good luck to you all; I share your frustration and the lack of interest by most doctors and their blind belief in salisylic acid solutions, freezing or even surgery. For those who have an interest, I did find a medical paper on the subject: Treatment of Plantar Warts with Banana Skin, by Dr Livia Warzawer-Schwarz in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 1981, Dec; 68(6):975-6.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to make this post. I look forward to trying the banana skin!


I did the same thing when I was a kid. I saw a 'healer' who did his 'thing', then told me to put banana peel on the sole of my foot for 3 weeks at night.

This is after trying everything under the sun, chemical peeling (HORRIBLE) and freezing, which made several extra warts appear.

Three weeks later, ALL of the warts were gone and it 40 years for them to return. I will try it again. It worked the first time, why not once more?

Daniyal and Ammar

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad my kids are out of this pain. All thanks to banana peel. Worked a miracle in less than 5 days!!!! Had been going to the doctor for 12 weeks for freezing which only hurt more. Maybe it's the potassium in the banana peel. Life is back to being awesome!!!

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