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I just started have anxiety in the past year. I have always been a very laid back and calm person, but since I am going back to school for another bachelor's nursing school, which in a very competitive program I have started to get anxiety and even panic attacks. I want to get my masters in psychiatric nursing so trying to understand anxiety is huge for me. I was on birth control and recently got off of it, and my anxiety has gone down about %75. Some people will say BC doesn't cause anxiety, but it is a side effect and hormones do play with your emotions. I still get it at school and in class, but what has helped me is yoga and hot yoga, exercise helps as well. One counselor gave me a technique to try, but said, she doesn't share it will many because most people think it's weird. She said, it has a high success rate (%85) and has even helped her. It's called EFT, which is a series of tapping on the body. I honestly didn't think it would work, but once I did it a few times I really started to feel calm. I would not have believed it unless I tried it myself. I will look for the website and comment back on my post. Hope it helps someone!!!

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jordan wilson

omg you are so right!! BC caused a seriouse problem for me, i started having panic attacks about 2 yrs ago, horrible ones, but they started to die down after a couple of months to where i was actually able to leave the house....well about a month ago i got the depo shot and 3 days after getting that shot i got the most severe panic attacks i have ever had and it was a 24/7 thing, the worst thing was it also gave something worse than depression, i would constantly have thoughts and horrible dreams of killing myself and others, something i was subconsciously doing, i would even forget what i did 2 seconds ago, i still got 2 more months of this, ppl please do not get BC or at least not the depo shot my sister had the same problem

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