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Okay my first abcess was the size of a baseball... Right on my behind most painful thing ever, went the the er had it lanced also very painful considering I could feel her cut it open...took about 2 months to recover... Then I went to Disneyland the scar ripped open! A small one arose again was then put on antibiotics... Few months later woke up and it was the size of a golf ball now I was desperate to fully get rid of it... Went back to my doctor he gave me some antibiotics and told me to come back if it got worse... Well it did but I refused to go back and get it lanced off before I tried everything from home I possibly could... Lucky me I had a teacher who was very into natural medicine and suggested I put a piece of comfrey leaf on it over night! So I got a whole leaf rinsed it off folded it and put it on set a bandage over it so it would not move... I had it on for a totally of about 20 hours no need to change it ... Next day I go to take it off and it's back to my regular scar nice and flat no redness or inflammation or anything!!! I am so relieved!!! Note though when on it does poke and feel like little needles but very bearable and well worth it!! Please try it!!! Wishing everyone the best !!!

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Hi I have read what you wrote, I have been having a lot of abscess es lately every week I got a knew one. everytime one heal another grew right back. Can you please tell me where did you get that leaf so I can get it and try too please.


Will the dried leave work equally good..


Comfrey Leaves can be grown from the Comfrey herb, and you can find the seeds to do so online, it's listed as a herb


If needing one (leaf) sooner than growing one from seed, search out local gardening clubs - particularly those with herb gardens. Sometimes local county gov. extension office can help.

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