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I've had horrible cramps ever so since I started having sex. So I've tried everything.. Birth Control really helps! Also, eating Fresh Oranges! Taking 2 Midol. And Drinking warm Water. The computer on the tummy watching YouTube Videos helps!! Eating Kit-Kat candy bar! Warm Lavender Bubble bath with Candles in the dark! With Smoothing Waterfall music that really helps calms the mind and relaxed yourself! Or just laying in bed bundled up with a heating pad on tummy and listening to waterfall music! Is what I'm doing right now after I ate a orange and took some Midol! It's helping me relax so much! I found out that playing Sports helps. (Good to be in HighSchool!) Having your boyfriend rubb your lower tummy with his warm hands helps! And Also, Going Muddin or 4x4ing! Riding four wheelers Dirtbikes. Keeps your mind off of the pain. Hot Cocoa! Works wonder! Alog with Lanvender tea! Or Warm Honey in your tea! Chicken noodle Soup! I've never tried sex or smoking weed while having menstrual cramps. Not my thing. The IcyHot on the lower back and Lower tummy tend to help too!
Hope I've helped some of ya out! Good Luck!

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an intellegent teenager

Chocolate makes you break out terribly, especially when it comes to menstrual cramps or PMS. & Don't even bother having 'sex' to cure menstrual cramps, if you haven't already learned in Health class having sex while on your period is bad, very bad for your health & the man your with. You can catch a desease because of the blood, it's just wrong!!! Best guess is advil & water or just tea & honey. Yummy, don't put your health at risk!!!

an intellegent teenager

Also never have a 'bath' when PMS'ing for you are just soaking in your own period blood. Ick, Always have a shower, it's more lady like.


That was an incredibly ignorant statement. If you are in a committed monogamous relationship having sex while on your period is GREAT. Is doesn't pose any health risks that having condom less sex doesn't. baths are great. stop thinking about your 'lady' parts like they are dirty. They are wonderful things!


My doctor said taking baths while on your period is good... it helps the pain go away.... just when you go to get just wash your body off.... but, some females stop bleeding while they are in water.


wow, don't listen to the negative posts. most women stop bleeding in the bath because of the water pressure. sex an masturbating dont work for me, but i know for most women it does.


Thanks you you helped me out a lot btw smoking weed does help cramps btw.

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