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Please people. Don't put clotrimizole on it!!! Look at the ingredients!!! I wouldn't use that poison if I had all the yeast infections in the world at once!!!! Go all natural is honestly the best way chemicals are a no no especially for stuff like this!!! If its due to yeast, eat PLAIN GREEK LOWFAT yogurt. Organic and unsweetened. I use it for yeast infections and it WORKS. essential oils like tea tree and lavendar. Maybe peppermint( ppmnt works for maybe!) . To moisturizer use coconut oil it works soooo well and has medicinal properties, olive oil and then vitamin e also good.

Honestly your diet affects every single condition you get. Find triggers and cut it out. Eat healthier and you'll ind it works. Now a.c happens from a number of things. For my last flare up it was deficiency. Usually my anemic bouts produce bruising first so I didn't realize it til my nails started peeling and bruises formed after the a.c.. Remember vitamins can take up to a MONTH to work into your system depending on your metabolism and immune system.

I take iron( mine has extra bits in it for women)
Zinc( mine has copper)
Immunity helpers such as echinacea, goldenseal( separate not the mixed variety)
Vitamin b complex AND. A b12'
Vitamin c with bioflavanoids
And lysine
Along with my others I take.( magnesium, red marine algae, olive leaf extract, garlic, a women's biotin supplement for hair nails n skin, and I thhhiinnkk that's all lol)

I'd try an enzyme supplement too! I just got one for digestion but with 11 enzymes,.. And enzymes do a whole lot more than we know in our bodies!

Please, don't use stupid methods an joe shoe can submit. Bleach is one of the worst. Any remedy made by man is taking the good parts of the plant and synthesizing the rest. You need the WHOLE natural plant in herb or oil form for it to work! Take aspirin for example. They leave out a lot of the good and fill it with poison. Ever wonder how we or along hundred years ago without modern 'medicine'? Oh yeah.plants.

Good luck y'all!

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Your right on, but the world is half bad and half good, (yin and yang ), so that will never be fixed. Fix yourself.

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