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Tami Monroe

Fill your bathtub with as much water as you normally would use to take a bath. Get comfortable and spread your legs. Pour (1/2 cup or so - I didn't measure it) apple cider vinegar (ACV)(preferrably raw ACV) a few inches away from your labia. (Don't pour directly on your labia or it will burn!) When this dissipates into the bath water, pour some more ACV near your labia. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

Take a little plain yogurt (high quality like Stonyfield - high in live active cultures) and gently rub into the irritated area around the labia. You can also put some on your finger and insert it into your vagina.

Also, take a quality acidophilis capsule 2x a day orally.

I was miserable last night, but felt much better after doing this. Good luck. I hope this helps you!

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