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Find some bi-carbonate soda, NOT BAKING POWDER, and stick a dry finger into the tub. Then, gently rub the bicarb-capped fingertip so the baking soda is directly applied on the top of the ulcer. Don't worry about the area being completely dry when applying, but try not to have it dripping with saliva. It burns a little and tastes terrible and the texture is gritty, but if you leave it on for around 3-5 minutes, you can't even feel it in your mouth. I love it.

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tried on my son, who couldnt sleep due to soreness from a mouth ulcer.
worked a treat.
A little uncomfortable at first but he was patient with it, and after 5 mins he said all discomfort had passed, and that there was no more soreness from the ulcer.... and he went to sleep without complaint.

Pr. Thomas Jenkins

magnificent, not 100% pain free, but it is as good and more efficient than prescribed mouth ulcer medicine. I had an ulcer on the tip top of my tongue, was extremely difficult to eat, and the pain was all most unbearable, bon jella was not working too well, so I looked up natural home remedies for a mouth ulcer, and I have to say it was a wise choice, thank you so very much


This worked for me. Delighted. Pain gone and now on to a normal life.

Thanks for the tip


WOW this really does work - within 10 minutes all the pain is gone


i am 26 years old and since i was a little girl my nan always told me to put baking soda on it, at first it stings but then goes away and you can't feel the ulcers, i usually do this before i go to bed.


wow my 9yr old eels alot better ..: )


Magic mouth wash numbs but doesn't heal but anything will help when u have one


Burns like hell

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