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Hi my names Kaitlyn, I'm 13 and have stretch marks on my inner and outer thighs, hips (love handles), and my breast. Im really self-consious about them, i cant event wear a bikini/tankini or shorts without being embarrassed. Ive tried lotions with cocoa butter in it but is hasn't been working! the marks are red/ purple from which I've learn means they are new. I've only had them for around a year or so. Is there any natural money saving remedies you can give me before summer comes back around?!? thanks!

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I'm 15 year young and I've had stretch marks for 3 years not. I'm not fat more muscular but they are still bad. I have recently went through a depression because of several losses and gained 80 pounds, now they are all bright red and purple the are on my back hips stomach breasts and from to top of my legs all the way down to my knee and behind it. Cocanut oil & vitamin C oils & pills help. If there's an option, tanning takes the color away and shrinks them. No matter what size you are if you once had them bad there's a large possibility that they will never go away but they will fade. I hope I helped! Keep your heads held high ladies, at least your not 5'10 and weigh 230 pounds!


You can use spirits it is called vodka after you take shower when the pores are open leave it for 15 minutes then wash cold water. Step two buy bio-oil and organic extra virgen olive oil mix one teaspoon each! Then rub in the stretch marks you will see results 8 weeks, and they will fade away. Hope this helps.

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