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Hi my names Kaitlyn, I'm 13 and have stretch marks on my inner and outer thighs, hips (love handles), and my breast. Im really self-consious about them, i cant event wear a bikini/tankini or shorts without being embarrassed. Ive tried lotions with cocoa butter in it but is hasn't been working! the marks are red/ purple from which I've learn means they are new. I've only had them for around a year or so. Is there any natural money saving remedies you can give me before summer comes back around?!? thanks!

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I have them on the inside of my thighs. And I am starting to get them at the peak of my hips. The weird thing is that I am in great shape and I am 14 years old. I looked up what they are from and the website said that they are from a drop or rise in hormones. Which I just recently started my period for the first time. And I guess I will try to do the baking soda trick. But I need some more easy tricks that have nothing to do with cream, something I can find in Texas without having to go to a health food store, and something inexpensive. They have started from up towards 'the place' and down about 3 inches down my inner thigh.... And the others have just started. I need something quick and easy before summer. Someone help me please. :/


I have got stretch marks on my thighs an love handles too! I'm 18 and really conscious of them, I think the best bet is jut moisturise from what I've read so far. Very day moisturise. It's the rubbing motion that helps! Healthy foods, however, I know it's not easy sticking to these but try having a few pieces of fruit or veg a day :) also exercise, whether that's walking or swimming. I know how you feel. I thought only pregnant women got stretch marks!! How wrong was I. Hope that you find something that works!

Trisha Meloling

I've had stretch marks for four yes now still trying to get rid of them
I've tryed these they haven't workout for me but they might work for you other ppl out there
1. coco butter
2. coconut oil
3. vitamins liquid oil vitamin e
4. gotta do them every day


Go on amazon and order coconut oil. Extra virgin, raw coconut oil.
It will cost you no more than 10 dollars!
Use it 2-3 times daily. Hope this helps! :)


hi hvin stretch marks i really so sad n i m losin confidence bcoz of it n bcoz of these marks i m nt able 2 wear my types of clothes so jst plz sum1 help me out


Hi my name is Ana , im 16 and have stretch marks for almost a year now ,igot then from fast weight gain also i went through a depression and i went from 123 lbs to 160lbs i hate my body so much. i used palmers cocoa butter & its only made them go from a red shade to brownish shade.i also tried vapor rub and lime but i found that lime made it burn. But i recommend having your skin moisturized to avoid new one from coming. i have stretch marks on my arms , inner thighs and hips are my most noticible one & with summer around the corner i need help so if anythngs works for you please let me know !


Hey I'm payton and I'm 12.. I can't wear a bathing suit or shorts because I have such bad streach marks. I have them on my inner thighs all the way down to my knees. Also on my breasts. I've been through a lot during the last few years so I've gained a lot of weight but I've lost all of it now and I have really bad stretch marks. Help!!


Hi, Im Kim. I have a Stretch Marks too. My Stretch marks are on my Inner thigh, inner knee, Behind my knee, Breast, Hips, and at the back of my Armpit. First, I notice a Stretch mark on my Hips and I dont care because I thought that's nothing. I got that on Summer 2012. Now, a few months ago, maybe 2 months ago, I had an stretch mark on my Inner thigh, Inner knee, behind my knee, and at the back of my Armpit. Im really Self-conscious. Id tried Erase Solution (Philippine Product) that Worked too, but only at the Beginning. Im now using a Cetaphil and Drinking lots of Water, many people told me to Drink lot of water because it may Rebuild our Collagen. Hope id helped you. :)


I'm 18 years old. Going to be 19 soon. I have had my stretch marks for about 6 or 7 months. Very few have turn white. On my thighs they are white but on my hips and breasts, they are a redish color. I've tried so many different creams. The coco butter doesn't seem to work. Im using a cream now that has shay butter and vitamin e in it. I havent seem much improvement. Ive recentally been trying lemon juice and olive oil. Im hoping it will help as i've heard it will. I used to love my body but now u wouldnt catch me out in a swim suit. Ive never been fat. Im only 127 pounds and i exercise and exfoilate daily. Until i read all these comments i thought there wasnt too many people with this problem but now i see otherwise. Im so afraid to have an intimate relationship for fear he will be disgusted by my little red stretch marks.


Is it weird that I'm not bothered about my streach marks? My boyfriend doesn't care about them and it doesn't make him feel any different about me. Why do you girls feel so self conscious when you should love yourself no matter what? I'm 18 and I've had streach marks for at least 5 years. They started on my breasts and just moved down, their not horrible, there's quite a few on my hips, due to my growth spurt a few months back, their all red and the ones on my stomach are red as well. I'm not imbarrassed about them but sometimes I do get down, but I don't feel the need to make them less noticeable. All I'm saying is that love yourself and don't worry about them as much. You're beautiful, streach marks or none.

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