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Hi my names Kaitlyn, I'm 13 and have stretch marks on my inner and outer thighs, hips (love handles), and my breast. Im really self-consious about them, i cant event wear a bikini/tankini or shorts without being embarrassed. Ive tried lotions with cocoa butter in it but is hasn't been working! the marks are red/ purple from which I've learn means they are new. I've only had them for around a year or so. Is there any natural money saving remedies you can give me before summer comes back around?!? thanks!

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Hi Kaitlyn. My name is Patience and I am a Brand Partner for Nerium International and I am using Nerium for my stretch marks and I am watching them fade away. I am not able to post pictures of my 10 day results on this website but if you Visit my website below my contact information is on the website and I can email you my progress pictures:


Vitamin e oil for the existing stretchmarks and try putting plastic wrap on top. Also drink lots of water, moisturize (I like Dial nutriskin for dry skin)like crazy and possibly take vitamin supplements for good skin in order to prevent new marks. There is no miracle cure (ive tried it all) so best option is prevention. The redness does fade and in a few years they will be almost invisible


Hey kaitlyn ! I'm going through the same thing you are ! I'm 13 too and I've got stretch marks everywhere ! On my shoulders , arms,my hips , breasts and thighs ! I can't wear any sleeveless tops and its really embarrassing ! My strech marks are whitish in color but I got them last year . My mother says they will dissappear eventually but , I've tried every thing and nothing works !!! Please help ! :(


I found a stretch mark cream that works on the stretch marks I got as a teenager. I grew very quickly in my shoulders and have nasty stretch marks around my shoulders and pectoral muscles. I found it at my friends site and it worked very well.


um, where can you buy nerium? is it available in the philippines? tnx.


I am twelve and I have the same problems! I am too embarrassed to tell my mom so I have been searching for forever for something I can do secretly. I thought I was the only one with red stretch marks on my thighs.


I am 12 and I am having so many problems with strech marks too. My mom has givin me so many excuses that everyone has them and I shouldn't be worried. I have them on my outer thighs and on my inner knee and I am very self-conscious about me Kaitlyn, you are not alone.


Hey, I have the exact same thing! I have been using Aloe Vera lotion (Gold Bond) and I have been taking Vitamin E and D. It has helped a little on my breast. You are not alone xxx

joana jakobe

hello my name is kiara i have had stretch marks every since last summer and i need help i have tryed coco butter it does not work could someone give me a few tips on how to get rid of them.


Hi kaitlyn! I'm 16 and i'm also trying to get rid of these stretch marks! They're new. And so I'm wondering did you end up finding anything that worked?

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